The Devil’s Garden Property

The park is currently closed for renovations. Please contact us for re-opening details.

Devil’s Garden is a bird-lovers paradise.  Within the 7,ooo acres of this Florida wild birds nature park, there are several uniquely different settings.

Devils Garden is a large working ranch with vast open prairie, countless tree hammocks, and vast wetlands covered in birds.  The normally rare snail kite thrives here due to an abundance of snails readily available for their picking.  The property is literally littered with the shells of snails which have been feasted on by our wild birds.  In addition to snail kites, a vast number of other species such as sandhill cranes, ibis, limpkins, roseate spoonbills, hawks and even occasional eagles and osprey can be seen on our tours.

Florida Wild Birds…up close and personal.

We’ve created elevated viewing areas from which you can see hundreds of Florida’s wild birds.  Miles of trails through oak heads and prairies allow you to see Florida the way it used to be.

Some birding locations are accessible only by guided ATVs.  You’ll find ours comfortable and quiet, and your guide will take you to these more remote areas for viewing and photography opportunities.

A guided tour

Be sure to bring your binoculars and/or camera.  You will also want a hat, some sunscreen, sturdy walking shoes which can get wet (although we’ll try to keep your shoes dry), and sunglasses (preferably polarized).   We recommend thin cotton pants if you have them, shorts if you don’t.

There are restrooms throughout the property, and we’ll have plenty of cold water on hand.

Reservations are required.  Call us today to plan your visit !